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Darek Mucek asked on September 15, 2017 17:35

Hello, I've been trying to isolate an issue with our submission forms not being delivered. I see our email queue has been backed up for a couple days now and in the waiting "waiting" status. The error message on each record is "The server committed a protocol violation the server response was:" and nothing else. To my knowledge nothing has changed within our configuration (back or frontend).

I also tried to send a test email from the "Send Email" tab and that is stuck in the queue. If I try to select it from the list and attempt to resend, it fails as well.


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Trevor Fayas answered on September 15, 2017 17:45

Just doing some googling, it may be that the SMTP server has changed it's configuration.

If your SMTP server requires username and password, you can try going from "" to "myusername" sometimes an SMTP server is set to require the domain, other-times not.

I would contact whoever controls your SMTP server and have them help you debug it.

I don't see any bug fixes in 9 and 10 for the Email sending, so probably not a kentico bug.

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