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Sherri Guthrie asked on May 21, 2014 09:45

I changed the Alternative form layout for the System Table "User" to include email in the layout. I wanted the email to also be a hyperlink to create an email to that person. When I tried adding the email link I get the following message. The following strings cannot be used in the layout more than once:$$input:Email$$.
Is there any way around this? I was using <a href='mailto:<%# $$input:Email$$'#>>$$input:Email$$

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Filip Ligač answered on July 12, 2014 08:39

Hello Sherri,

Regrettably, there is no direct support for such a feature in alternative forms but it should be possible to implement such a feature using a simple JavaScript which would automatically add a hyperlink to the address once a user starts typing in the field.

Please take a look at the following forum thread where a similar functionality (but rather related to standard URLs) is described - Transform URL into a link unless there already was a link.

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