Elastic Search Integration with Kentico

nishant Jain asked on February 28, 2022 14:19

I am working on a POC where the requirement is to use elastic search with Kentico. If anyone has done such type of work or have any potential solutions, I will really appreciate it. I have already integrated the same in ASP.Net MVC and its up and running, the only thing I am looking now is to get it work with kentico somehow. Any leads will be highly appreciated.

Thanks Nishant Jain

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Juraj Ondrus answered on March 1, 2022 07:15

Well, you should follow the Elastic search documentation to use their API how to integrate. In Kentico you can use e.g. REST service or, the integration bus or simply the API to expose the data you want to the Elastic search engine. There is no special magic. Simply said - it is up to you how you will get the data from Kentico and pass them to Elastic engine.

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