Disable/Hide Publish button of the workflow conditionally

Binod Paikaray asked on April 3, 2018 11:13


In our application, we are using workflow and now I need to disable/hide Publish button on the basis of a flag. I tried it a lot at many events but no success.

May I know whether is it possible or not? If possible, then how can I do that? Is there any specific event for that?

Thanks in anticipation!

Binod Paikaray

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Trevor Fayas answered on April 3, 2018 16:48

I'm not sure if version 6 has the capabilities to do this. You can have a separate person be the approver, but not based on a flag. It may be possible to override the event hook to (based on a flag) move it to a specific 'locked' step, but that may not be around till later versions.

May want to seriously consider upgrading to the higher versions or rebuilding the site, the newer versions have much more control (With the EMS license) to do advanced workflow steps.

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