Difference between modules and WebParts in Kentico

Yasmin Saad asked on November 25, 2017 20:08

Hi guys , I'm implementing a custom Country screen and I want to add it to be viewed and used by end users to add new country , I'm confused how to add it in CMS as a webpart or as a module ? Thank you Yasmeen Saad

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Brenden Kehren answered on November 25, 2017 20:23

Simply put, modules allow you to perform CRUD activities within the Kentico UI. Webparts allow you display the module data.

If you want to display the data from the module, the easiest webpart to use is the custom query wepart.

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Yasmin Saad answered on November 25, 2017 20:56

Thank you Brenden,That mean I create a module with my business then uses a webpart to display my webpart ?

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