Devexpress part issue using Kentico 9

javier saenz asked on November 8, 2016 22:34

I have a Kentico Site with a devexpress web part on it, the problem comes when I use the iis application pool with integrated mode, because it is unable to load the web part, but if I use the classic mode on the iis, it is loaded perfectly. I was wondering if you have any clue about this issue. It seems to be a problem with the web.config, like if I were missing some key or module, but I already checked it multiple times and it is the same configuration suggested on devexpress web site and kentico

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Brenden Kehren answered on November 8, 2016 23:01

Kentico 9 should be used in integrated mode, especially if you're using extensionless URLs. I'd check with DevExpress to ensure you have the proper module references included.

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javier saenz answered on November 8, 2016 23:40 (last edited on November 8, 2016 23:43)

As I told you I already checked the DevExpress web site to ensure the proper configuration

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