Delete a bundle product with it's bundle items?

benyamin jain asked on May 3, 2016 10:33


in kenticocms version 7.x , i create a bundle product and add another products as bundle item , after that by deleting bundle product it's bundle items remain in inventory but as a product.

as i think there is a dependence between bundle product and it's items then removing bundle product must cause the items to be removed from inventory.

but this is not happened.

my question is :

1- why this happens(reason?)

2 - how i can remove products that become as a bundle item when their bundle product deleted?(there is standalone product and product with document type)


I check the "Remove both bundle and product option " , but according to the guide this behavior applied when product has been sold and do not have any affect on deleting bundle product

Thank you

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Trevor Fayas answered on May 3, 2016 15:55

Firstly, I would highly recommend upgrading to 8 or 9, as the Ecommerce is much more sound in these versions.

Otherwise, one issue can be is if there is any of the products in a person's cart, it may not delete it when the bundle is created as it needs that reference.

Also make sure that you're looking at the Product sku table, and not the order sku. Order skus exist to keep data for existing orders, so even if you delete a product, the "Order sku" of it will remain.

To remove it though, you could use the CMS Loader Module to add an Object Delete hook, check if the object is a product bundle, then perform additional deletes in code.

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