DateTime query in where clause returns no results in pages data source

Eric Conklin asked on September 21, 2020 21:36

I am using the following where clause to query my pages from a blog via a pages data source web part:

'{%EventDate %}' >   '{%GetDateTime(DateTime.Now)#%}'

When this query runs in the pages data source, I get no results even though I have posts that have event dates in the future.

Can anyone provide some insight to this? When I change it to < or <=, every event page shows up that has an event date including dates that are clearly in the future of the current date.

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Juraj Ondrus answered on September 23, 2020 07:30

What does the macro and SQL debug say? I am using just this:
EventDate > '{%DateTime.Now#%}'
And it is working fine. You can see it in action here (default administrator access with no password, will be destroyed on Oct. 1, 2020). I just added the EventDate field to the CMS.News page type to do a quick test sample.

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