Database deployment from dev to production in increments

Shweta S asked on December 4, 2015 20:26


We already have a version of our site on live and we added some new features on dev environment ie we added new pages, content, etc. We want to move the new changes live but we also don't want to overwrite the user accounts and other form data on the production.

What is the best way to approach this situation?

Thanks, Shweta

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David te Kloese answered on December 4, 2015 22:17


In Kentico 9 you have the new CI feature which also includes pages, but I assume you're not using Kentico 9 yet :).

The export module has the option to export documents... but it's either all or only changes since date x. But the GUI doesn't show you which pages it includes. Only after starting the import you see the pages passing by.

Their is another option I used a few times when I imported and altered over 500 pages on development and they didn't exist on production yet. This however is only useful if it's over 100 pages. Otherwise I'd say get some people together and create them by hand. You'd be surprised how fast this go's :).

  • create and restore a complete copy of your dev database locally
  • in that installation you remove all other pages you don't need
  • create a new site export and only select the documents
  • import these in your target server

In my case it was however a folder directly under the root, so no other content was overwritten.

note: remember media library images aren't included. What ever you do make sure to create a backup first.

Hope this helps!



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Brenden Kehren answered on December 4, 2015 20:29

If you have an Ultimate license or above you can use Content Staging. Otherwise for the objects (page templates, layouts, etc.) you can use the import/export feature. There is no way to import/export the content tree alone.

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Shweta S answered on December 4, 2015 23:54

Hi David,

This helps, thank you for your solution. Unfortunately, we are not using Kentico 9 yet.

Thanks, Shweta

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