Custom deletion of contacts schedule task doesnt run the custom code

Faye Spath asked on October 28, 2022 16:26

documentation says create your own so I go and create it. i did it like the instructions. It says at the end go back and select the customization The customization is now available as a new option in Settings (application) -> On‑line marketing -> Contact management -> Inactive contacts I select the custom delete option then I go to scheduled task global then delete inactive contacts the schedule task doesnt seem to run the custom code?

[assembly: RegisterDeleteContactsImplementation(

/// <summary>
/// Custom implementation for deleting inactive/unnecessary contacts.
/// </summary>
public class DeleteContactsCustom : IDeleteContacts

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Faye Spath answered on October 31, 2022 14:03

I am looking how to get it to debug the custom delete with the scheduled task. Its Automated but seem to not be able to hit the break point

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Juraj Ondrus answered on November 1, 2022 06:56

The inactive contacts deletion scheduled task is hard-coded to be executed off-peak hours - it should be 2am. So, even if you run it manually, it is not executed. Do you have in your DB any contacts which should be deleted?

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Faye Spath answered on November 1, 2022 14:05

I do have the ones I need to delete but need to step through it to add addtional logic. I would like to suggest to put that in the documentation. I have spent a lot of time trying to figure out why my code was not executing. I will change my computer time and see if I can debug it

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