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Monjoie Dominique asked on September 9, 2017 16:33


I have 1 problem and 2 questions about the Contribution List WebPart. Contribution List is new for me and I'm a little bit lost.

My problem is that, for an unknown reason, I don't see the 'Add New Item' button and also text in the Edit or Delete button. What can I do to see these texts and buttons and how can I get these texts in French.

My first question is how to escape (sorry, I don't know the correct word) the Add button -> I give users the possibility to register with a webpart 'custom registration form'. The username, fisrt name, last name and mail informations are transmitted to an alternative form of a Pages Type document. I'd like that users arrive directly on the page with this alternative form without an intermediate 'Add item' button ? Will I have to use another WebPart rather than 'Contibution List' ?

I see it's possible to create Custom WebPart by cloning and modifying existing one. So, my second question is about email notification. When a user registers, I can receive a mail telling me that a new user hes registered (with the CustomRegistrationForm WebPart). Is it possible to customize the ContributionList WebPart (a clone, not the original) to receive a mail when a user fullfill the complete alternative form or modify his datas or delete them (I was thinking about something like copying the function from CustomRegistrationForm WebPart to ContributionList WebPart). This mail is to tell us that someone changes something so, we can check informations and spelling before validation.

One additional little thing : When I use the ContributionList WebPart with the 'Display List' checked, I can edit page with somebody's datas -> what is the interest of the Edit Contribution WebPart ?

In advance, a huge thank to who can help me.

All the best,

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Trevor Fayas answered on September 11, 2017 15:55

Hi Monjoie,

There could be a couple different reasons why things aren't showing for you, most of the below is going off of the Documentation on the User Contributions, if you haven't checked it out please do!

let's go through the list:

  1. Is the webpart set up to allow editing by users? You have both an "Allow insert/edit/delete" option that should be true, and also the "Allow editing by users" which you will want to set up properly.
  2. Do you have a New Item Button label set? i'm not sure if you leave it blank if it won't render one.
  3. Is the user you are testing with included in the "Allow Users" (IE if it's set to authenticated, are they logged in? If set to Page Owner, are they the page owner?)
  4. For editing, make sure to add the Edit Contribution webpart to the content template (not the list, but the actual item), as this is how you can allow users to edit an existing article.

Now onto your first question. This is going to require custom coding i'm afraid. You can hook into the BizForm Submit event, or clone and modify the custom registration form and add in the logic to on submit -> Create the page -> use URLRewrite helper class to redirect the user to that page.

For second question, yes it's possible. However for that one, if you just need email notifications, i would instead look to add a custom Global Event Hook. These allow you to "Do something" when certain events occur (such as when a form is submitted, or a new page is created, etc).

For the last question, if you are an Administrator or Global Administrator, you will most likely have access to edit other people's content. The Edit Contribution is to allow non Editors to do this.

Hope that helps!!

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