Cloning FILE page type

Rita Mikusch asked on May 2, 2018 19:13


I cloned the cms.File page type to create a new custom cms.TestFile page type. I kept everything the same with cms.TestFile, all I changed was the allowed PARENT page types.

No matter what I set the allowed parent page types to for cms.TestFile, I'm only allowed to add cms.TestFile as a child to a parent that also has cms.File as an allowed child. If the parent only has cms.TestFile as an allowed child, and not cms.File, then I get a "This page type is not allowed to be created here" error when I add cms.TestFile as a child.

Do I need to create a clone of NewFile.aspx for cms.TestFile? Will that fix the problem?

I've similarly created clones of cms.MenuItem, and never had this problem.

Thank you.

Correct Answer

Brenden Kehren answered on May 2, 2018 20:24

The "NewFile.aspx" page has coded in it for a "file" page type. You'd need to create a new aspx page with the updated "DataClass" property of your new page for it to work properly.

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