Clarification regarding upgrading Kentico 12 site to Kentico 13

Ryan Hendrickson asked on June 30, 2023 21:33

Hello everyone!

I was hoping I could get some clarification regarding the Kentico upgrade path and Kentico 13. For context, I work at a web agency that has a client with a Kentico 12 site from another web agency. We are not a Kentico shop, so please forgive any ignorance (I've tried finding the answers but couldn't find anything definitive).

My understanding is that when we upgrade Kentico 12 to 13, we wouldn't have to update the code base from .NET Framework 4.8 to .NET Core 6, correct? If so, that means I can follow the steps here to upgrade to Kentico 13, and leave the rest of the site as .NET Framework 4.8?

If that is not the case, and Kentico 13 needs to run on .NET 6+, can I leave the rest of the site as .NET Framework? Or would that also need to be updated?

We are mostly trying to figure out if we could incremental upgrades, or if it would have to be an all or nothing approach.

Thank you so much for any help/advice!

Correct Answer

Marcel Vriend answered on July 7, 2023 10:35

That’s right, you can upgrade from the Kentico 12 MVC development model to Kentico 13 with the instructions you mentioned. Moving from .NET Framework 4.8 to .NET Core may be a separate upgrade later.

Note that the Kentico 13 CMS runs on .NET Framework 4.8 in both cases. For shared projects between the CMS and your .NET Core web project, you can target .NET Standard 2.0.

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