CKEditor fields have disappeared in Chrome (Kentico 12sp) for some users

Dan McDevitt asked on August 16, 2022 17:13

Some of our users are reporting problems with CKEditor when using Google Chrome. In one case, some fields have disappeared in the CMS editing forms. In other case, the field is there, but the CKEditor menu bar doesn't appear.

The forms work in other browsers, including other chromium-based browsers like Edge. At the same time, other users with the same version of Chrome are not experiencing this problem. Has anyone encountered such a problem and know of a solution to it? Thank you in advance.

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Brenden Kehren answered on August 16, 2022 21:38

A couple of things to check or do:

  • Resign your macros in System > Macros > Signatures
  • Do a hard refresh on your cache in your browser.

My guess is resigning the macros should fix you up.

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Dan McDevitt answered on August 17, 2022 18:12

Thank you for the help. Is this a common problem with Kentico 12? We've been on the Kentico platform for over a decade and haven't ever encountered this. We only recently upgraded to K12sp, I'd hate to think our users are going to be dealing with this on a regular basis.

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Brenden Kehren answered on August 17, 2022 18:17

If you changed your hash string salt then your macro signatures are all bad causing part of the UI and your website to not work. This is not common IF you keep your hash string salt the same.

There are also significant differences in the JavaScript files for the UI that can cause caching issues. This is something we come across with almost every upgrade.

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