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Manmath Kulkarni asked on January 13, 2017 13:15


I am creating web site using Kentico 9. On page mode CKToolbar or HTMLToolbar overlaps with Header element. So I am not able change logo/image in Page /Edit mode. It overlaps Select and clear both buttons.

Is there any way to change this toolbars location to bottom or side of the page.

Kindly help me into this.

Best Regards,

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Ilesh Mistry answered on January 13, 2017 14:11

Hi Manmath

It really depends where you are using this, so if you are using the Editable Text web part, then you can amend the settings to use instead of Inline Toolbar, you can change it to use a Shared Toolbar. This is a setting in that web part.

If it is a Page Type field, then you can also change the Toolbar location between the values Out, None or Default.

Another issue could be from your CSS potentially conflicting the toolbar placement and finding the appropriate styles to not conflict them when in EditMode. If this is the case, if you can provide more information and I can help further.

I hope this helps.

Thanks Ilesh

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Trevor Fayas answered on January 13, 2017 15:04

To PIggyback Ilesh's comment,

to create a style for EditMode only, just put ".EditMode" before the style


/* Add extra padding on edit so you can see over that shared toolbar */
.EditMode .MyHeader {
    margin-bottom: 20px;
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Manmath Kulkarni answered on January 16, 2017 09:20


Thanks a lot for your reply Ilesh and Trevor.

I have applied .EditMode in CSS file to push my own page down instead of ToolBar and its working perfectly as I wanted.. Toolbar in Kentico can not be changed easily. You will have to make changes in Kentico administration code files.

Best Regards,

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