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John Walter asked on April 23, 2015 16:15

Hi, I have made a few forms which need to be someway down a page with mixtures of html and images above them. The problem is when you submit, if there is an error the error message appears directly above the form but the page reloads at the top of the page which sometimes means you can't see the error message and you might think the form was successfully submitted when it was not.

Is there a way to move where this error message appears on the page, or is there a way to have the page reload with a focus on the form rather than at the top of the page?


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Rui Wang answered on April 24, 2015 22:53 (last edited on April 24, 2015 22:55)

I tried to add a form into the bottom of a long page using both Form Widget and Web Part, and if I leave the form empty and try to submit, the page will reload and jump to the form area and show the "please enter a value" message. I've also tried this in IE, FF and Chrome and all did the same thing. So I'm not sure why yours doesn't do it.

Also, if you are using the form web part, there is a property called "use update panel", which will make the form submission Ajax. So the form submission won't be page reload, but form reload which leave the page at the focus of the form.

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