Best field type and control for selecting multiple pages

Tom Troughton asked on May 19, 2015 12:01

I'm building a page type which requires a field that allows the editor to select multiple pages of a particular type.

I was hoping I could present them with a similar dialogue to the 'Select Page' dialogue you find elsewhere in the Kentico UI (e.g. when selecting a related page on the Related Pages tab). Except that it should be possible to select multiple pages.

I'd like to restrict this dialogue to a specific starting point in the tree, and only allow selection of specific page types. Ideally I'd store the Guid IDs of the selected pages, but I guess integer IDs is OK.

Is there such a form control built into Kentico? Or, if I need to build my own, is there a way to re-use the standard Kentico tree navigation dialogue without having to write a lot of custom code?


I've just found Brenden's answer here which I think answers my question. I assume Uni Selector is the way to go?

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Brenden Kehren answered on May 19, 2015 13:28

You might be able to use that for multiple URLs although I haven't tested it. By far I believe the UniSelector is the most versatile form control out there so if it won't do it out of the box, you could use that as your base and create your own form control.

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