AWS Authentication Credentials invalid

Dat Nguyen asked on December 9, 2022 23:46

I recently upgraded a site from Kentico 8 to 13. After configuring the SMTP settings with the same server and credentials as before, I get a 535: Authentication Credentials Invalid exception when emails are queued. I also tested with the email form in the System application - works in Kentico 8, fails in 13.

The client uses AWS for the email service.

Does anyone know what else needs to be done to get emails to send in Kentico 13 with AWS? There doesn't seem to be any information about AWS-specific configuration.

Hotfix version is 13.0.82.

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Juraj Ondrus answered on December 12, 2022 06:46

Hotfix 13.0.80 changed the way we connect to SMTP. We are now using MailKit. It was done due to many SMTP servers abandoned basic authentication. Make sure you are entering valid credentials and that there are no white-spaces around the password or user name. Then, make also sure the SMTP server uses valid SSL certificate. And/or use appropriate port number - 587 or 465

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Dat Nguyen answered on December 12, 2022 18:27

The credentials are valid. Like I said, I tested successfully in Kentico version 8. I made sure no white-spaces were included. Port number used in 587. The service is Amazon SES, so certainly they are secured with SSL, I would think. Our setting is version 8 was SSL enabled, so there's no issue with that.

I doubled checked everything, but it's still not working.

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Juraj Ondrus answered on December 13, 2022 05:52

What is the entire error message? What kind of authentication are you using in the SMTP Settings in Kentico?

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