Automatic web farms with Azure autoscale servers not showing up

Bob Haring asked on January 26, 2021 14:10

Currently we have a MVC development model setup for our sites. Our MVC application is an app service on Azure that has autoscale configured (runs at least on 3 instances). We are running into issues where our MVC application is returning data that is not sync with changes made on the CMS application.

For example we changed a page by adding new widgets and sometimes it's returning data with those widgets and other cases not.

It seems to be a web farm sync issue. I am assuming that at least one of the MVC application instances is synced up correctly, since it does sometime return the correct data.

We have webfarm set to automatic and see the following in our our Webfarm overview:

Image Text

The first item is the MVC application and the second the Kentico CMS interface.

I would assume that the 3 MVC instances are shown up on this overview, since we have atleast 3 instances setup in the MVC application autoscale. Is this correct?

We are using Kentico v12.0.26

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Evident Managed Services answered on January 27, 2021 13:12

We discovered that the CMSWebFarmServerName web.config key was set to our MVC application. This meant that Kentico was unable to set unique names per webfarm instance when azure was scaling out to multiple instances.

Thank you for your help Brenden!

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Brenden Kehren answered on January 26, 2021 14:44

Does your license support more than one web farm server? If not then you need to add servers to it OR go with a subscription. You can find out how many web farm servers your license supports by going to the License app and viewing the license.

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Bob Haring answered on January 26, 2021 17:21

Thanks for your reply Brenden.

Our licenses support 3 servers. I will make sure that we request new licenses so support more servers.

Although I wonder if these scaled instances are supposed to show up in the webfarm view, I can seem to find that in the Kentico documentation.

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Brenden Kehren answered on January 26, 2021 17:32

Regarding the web farm servers in Azure, you have the max set to 3 servers to scale out to, correct? If Azure doesn't find a need to scale out, then Azure won't and you won't see those web farm servers in the web farm app in Xperience. But when it does, you'll see those servers in your web farm list in Xperience, like below.

Image Text

When I talk about your license, I mean your Xperience license, not your license in Azure. Below is a v11 license example, non-mvc.

Image Text

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Bob Haring answered on January 26, 2021 18:59

I can confirm that we are using licenses that have the Servers property set to 3.

Looking at your screenshot I think we will need to investigate why our webfarms are not working correctly. Right now we have our MVC application already scaled out to 3 instances in Azure and we only see 1 webfarm item.

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