Add a Web Part to a Page Type

Shelly Haskins asked on October 4, 2019 21:41

We would like to add an additional contact form (new custom web part) to the blog post articles but have it optional... just like Comments. The piece we cannot figure out is how to associate the web part or control to the page type. The page type field has no reference.

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David te Kloese answered on October 7, 2019 11:10

You have to add another field to the page type, and use it in the visible condition of your Web Part.

Hit the arrow icon to open the macro editor:

Image Text

And add the field you added on your page type; Something like:


Note that if you change something on a Template ALL pages using that template will reflect this update.

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Shelly Haskins answered on October 7, 2019 21:17

David, I see that now and think that solution will work perfectly for us. Thank you.

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