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Bui Tuong asked on March 8, 2016 09:40

Hi guys. I'm working to create new module in K9 and have a problem here. Pls help

I create new user and assign this user to new role, and i want to access to Setting section in CMS to edit some value here. Link image below

link image

But only global admin can access to this section. How can i access to this section by new user. Thank you !

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Trevor Fayas answered on March 8, 2016 15:29

You can use the Role settings to allow access to the entire Settings Module. Roles -> Edit Role -> UI Personalization -> Administration -> CMS -> Administration -> Configuration -> Settings

But if you are trying to limit their access to only a specific SECTION of the Settings module you may have to instead create a custom UI Page and put in the logic to update it via api (Give them a textbox and a button, when they click the button it takes the value of the text box and updates the actual setting through Kentico's API).

This is how Kentico would probably recommend. Then you can assign permission to your custom UI page in your module through the Roles system.

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Bui Tuong answered on March 9, 2016 04:01 (last edited on March 9, 2016 04:01)

Hi Trevor.

Thank you for your answer, but i tried add role setting as you said but it still can't access to the setting section. Maybe i will tried the way to create new page and save module setting by API

Thank you

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