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Kayla Johnson asked on December 18, 2017 21:11

I'm working on a client's intranet site. I didn't set this up for them, but even our contact who did is unsure how to go about this.

In the Site's settings in kentico, the domain site name is listed as But the URL we can access the site at is Is there something we're missing in settings that will make it work at the correct url? Or is it something with the client's setup that needs to change? When trying to access, it is just showing IIS Windows Server splash screen, which leads me to believe they need to change something in their server settings which I don't have access to. But they believe it is Kentico related.

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Brenden Kehren answered on December 18, 2017 22:06

The issue is IIS is configured to have a sub application. If you look in IIS you'll see the "Default website" (most likely" and an application directory called "Kentico" under it, then the CMS directiry is where the actual website code resides.

What you need to do is update that "Default website" OR create a new website and name it what you want and point to the CMS directory on the servers hard drive so it will serve the site up from the root /CMS directory without having the virtual directory.

See this post as well for a reference:

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brandon rogers answered on December 18, 2017 21:51

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