New product (Notification template text) need help with Marco Expression {%notificationcustomdata.X

Taun Brown asked on February 21, 2017 18:04

I am trying to make a New Product Email template but I have ran into some real trouble getting what I thought would be easy items into the template

What I want was:

Hi there {%notificationuser.FullName#%},

A New Blog Post Blog Post Title has been added.

Blog Link

But I cannot seem to get the Marco expression correct I have tried different combinations trying to figure out the syntax for the {%notificationcustomdata.XXX%} expression to pull CONTENT_BlogPost table data

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Peter Mogilnitski answered on February 21, 2017 19:27

<a href="{%BlogPostLink%}">{%BlogPost.DocumentName#%}</a> or <a href="{%BlogLink%}">{%Blog.DocumentName#%}</a>

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Trevor Fayas answered on February 21, 2017 20:43

Can you provide a little more information? Where/how are you triggering the email, as that's where the information will need to be pulled in. If it's not provided in the macro context that is passed to the email engine, then it can be added, but knowing your processes will help us understand what that macro context is already.

In general, if you ahve any reference to the blog post (documentID, nodeID, node alias path, etc) you can usually pull up values through macros such as {% Documents["/MyNodeAliasPath"].GetValue("SomeValue") %}

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