Kentico CMS 7.0 Developer's Guide



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Translation services provide a way to automate or outsource the translation of website content. By utilizing translation services, you can create multilingual sites without having to edit the text in the Kentico CMS administration interface. The system automatically ensures the transfer of data between the website's documents and translation providers. Translation data is exported and imported via files using the standard XML-based XLIFF format.


There are two general categories of translation services:


Machine services - use translation software to programatically convert source text from one language to another.

Standard services (human translation) - provide an automated interface between the CMS and external human translators.


The system includes several default translation services of both types and also supports integration of custom services.




Translating documents

Configuring content for translation


Machine translation services

Translating localization strings

Microsoft Translator

Google Translate


Standard translation services

Managing translation submissions

Importing completed translations

Manual translation

E-mail translation


Adding custom translation services

Translating via the REST service