Kentico CMS 7.0 Developer's Guide

Standard translation services

Standard translation services

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Standard translation services

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Standard services automatically deliver the translation source data to designated human translators. Human translation takes time, so the results are not available immediately, but it should provide significantly higher translation quality than machine services. The services export and import data using the XLIFF format, which is generally supported by translation tools.


Document translation via standard services uses the following life cycle:


1. Users submit documents for translation in CMS Desk.


2. If the given documents do not exist in the target language, the system creates the new culture versions as direct copies of the source language. The content tree marks the documents with the Waiting for translation status icon (WaitingForTranslation_Flag).







When translating documents on live websites, apply Workflow to avoid publishing content before the translations are complete.



3. The system creates a submission ticket for every translation. You can manage the submissions in CMS Desk -> Tools -> Translations.


4. Once the service provider finishes the translation, you can import the data and process the corresponding submission. This inserts the translated content into the appropriate language version of the submitted documents.


Default human translation services:

Manual translation

E-mail translation