Kentico CMS 7.0 Developer's Guide

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Previous topic Next topic JavaScript is required for the print function Mail us feedback on this topic! is a worldwide translation provider that offers website localization in over 170 languages. Kentico CMS includes a default service that automatically ensures the transfer of translation data between the system and


To set up the service:


1. Contact a representative and arrange a translation project for your website.


2. Open Kentico CMS and go to Site Manager -> Settings -> Content -> Translation services.


3. Fill in the information of your project into the settings under the section:


Client user name

Client user password

Project short code


Click Save Save.


4. Add the following endpoints into the <system.serviceModel><client> section of your application's web.config file:


<endpoint address="" binding="basicHttpBinding" contract="TranslationsComSessionService.SessionService2PortType" />

<endpoint address="" binding="basicHttpBinding" contract="TranslationsComProjectService.ProjectService2PortType" />

<endpoint address="" binding="basicHttpBinding" contract="TranslationsComDocumentService.DocumentService2PortType" />

<endpoint address="" binding="basicHttpBinding" contract="TranslationsComSubmissionService.SubmissionService2PortType" />

<endpoint address="" binding="basicHttpBinding" contract="TranslationsComTargetService.TargetService2PortType" />

<endpoint address="" binding="basicHttpBinding" contract="TranslationsComUserProfileService.UserProfileService2PortType" />


Valid endpoint addresses for your application will be provided by


You can now submit documents for translation using the service.





Translation submission logs


Whenever a user submits a translation to, the system creates a record in the event log (Administration -> Event log). The service also logs any errors that may occur while sending or receiving translation data.