Webinar Wrap up: CMS Today – Driving Success with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Driving Success with Search Engine Optimization covers the SEO basics. This webinar includes a working SEO definition, what search engines look for, how you can increase qualified traffic to your website, how you can start search engine optimizing your website, measuring and refining your SEO results, and successful SEO case study.

Topics that may be covered in this webinar include:
•         How to select the right keywords
•         How to ensure that your website is indexed by the search engines
•         Usability and Navigation best practices
•         Utilizing a web analytics tool to monitor your results
•         What to look at in your web analytics tool to make sound business decisions about your website
Video is available here
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Thomas Robbins

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A stage has come when people cannot live without the digital world. They will feel disconnected if they don’t connect with the digital media. That’s why developers are coming out with latest versions of the software. Search Engine Optimization is one of the latest hot topics. When you create a Search engine many factors should be taken into account. How a search engine should be optimized and how the traffic should be controlled are the points that come up in the analysis.