Upgrading to Kentico CMS 7 is Officially Easy!

Kentico CMS 7 has only been available since September 2012 and we have already received some great feedback on the ease of upgrading to the newest feature-packed version of our CMS.
Kentico CMS 7 arrived with marketing automation, more efficient mobile website development, visual workflow designer, lead scoring and many other enterprise features, so it is no surprise that many of our partners have jumped at the chance to leverage them all in their delivery of top quality websites.
Discover all the new features and improvements Kentico CMS 7 brings. 

Among those who upgraded is Pull Digital, a full-service online marketing agency and Kentico Gold Partner in the UK, who’s Digital Services Director, Manoj Shah, said “We were very eager to upgrade to Kentico CMS 7 to leverage the marketing automation, lead scoring and personalization features. Even with our high volume of custom modules, we were able to upgrade relatively quickly, thanks to Kentico’s helpful hot fixes and responsive support.”
Kentico MVP, Brian McKeiver, Partner and Senior Developer at BizStream, a provider of software that streamlines business productivity said: “The experience of upgrading to Kentico CMS 7 was really nice. With Kentico CMS 7, we can create dynamic websites at a pace no other product can match. By combining content management with a marketing engine, Kentico has created a silver bullet that will drive a ton of growth for us in 2013.
BlueModus, a Kentico Gold Partner in the USA provides business and web enablement solutions and services to advertising and creative agencies. Their CTO, Dave Conder, commented “So far, upgrading our customers to CMS 7 has been a surprisingly easy process. We've been recommending Kentico to our customers since the very beginning. A powerful, rapid development and deployment platform, CMS 7 is great for global brands, because it's easy to use, multi-cultural, and highly scalable. One customer of ours in particular is lauding what Kentico is able to do for multimedia and social media environments."
So there you have it; upgrading to Kentico CMS 7 is easy and highly beneficial - Don’t miss out.
You can either use the Kentico Upgrade Utility or run the Kentico Installation Manager Utility. Of course manual upgrade is also an option.

Read more on the ease of upgrading in our press release: Kentico Gold Partners Praise Ease of Upgrading to Kentico CMS 7
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