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Kentico Newsletter
Welcome to the January Kentico Developer Newsletter
·         Looking at UI Personalization - UI personalization increases the productivity of business users by enabling system administrators to provide a simplified user interface. System administrators are able to create intelligent user interfaces that allow users to focus on those things needed to do their jobs and not overwhelm end users within options they may not need. For end users this reduces the amount of tabs, menu items and parts of a page they see within the Kentico UI. Allowing them to focus on the tasks they need to get their jobs done. In this video we will look at an example of UI personalization using the sample corporate site.
·         Widget Overview - Widgets allow for the support of page personalization. This enhancement introduced in Kentico CMS 5, allows users to edit the structure of defined page templates. All personalization is automatically saved and depending on your role available both in CMS Desk and the live site. From a page designer’s point of view, widgets are a basic building block of page templates in the same way as web parts. In this video we will look at an example of how widgets are used within the sample corporate site.
·         Exploring UI Elements - The user interface of Kentico CMS consists of modules that contain UI elements. A UI element is a page or part of a page in CMS Desk that is shown or hidden to the end user. The UI personalization available extends to UI elements like tabs, menu items and groups of controls. In this video we look at how UI personalization is used to add a new tab to the CMS Desk.
·         Looking at Version Comparison Using Workflow - Workflow is an important part of ensuring that content is included in the business process. Content approvers are responsible for ensuring that the added or edited documents are appropriate and meet the needs of the business before publishing to the live site. Kentico CMS 5 introduces the ability to compare document versions as part of the workflow process. This allows content approvers to review documents and see exactly what changes have made. In this video we will look at how to compare document versions using a news workflow on the Kentico CMS 5 sample corporate site.
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Kentico Developer Magazine is a fantastic monthly online and print resource for developers interested in Kentico CMS. To celebrate Kentico Developer magazine now in print, we're happy to be able to offer our loyal subscribers the chance to win a Kentico CMS 5.0 Single Site Ultimate License. <more>
Innovative people that participate and contribute their time, ideas and resources are the cornerstone of the worldwide CMS and .NET communities. This spirit has played an important industry role and Kentico wants to help continue to foster this type of community spirit. The Kentico MVP Award is designed to recognize individual who are part of this community.  A Kentico MVP is an engaged community advocate who listens and promote CMS and.NET. <more>
·         URL Routing with Kentico CMS
·         “Hybriding” in Kentico
Thanks to everyone that attended the first meeting of the Kentico Online User Group for Martin’s Top 5 for Version 5. The meeting recording is available online. If you would be interested in speaking or suggesting topics please email.
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