Small features the Content Editors will love in CMS 6.0

This is the last part of the mini-series focused on small features. This post is focused on small features for the content editors. 

Carousel Web Parts
Carousel web parts offer “carousel” effect for showing attachments and documents.

Carousel Web parts

You can find another web part showing attachments using several effects. E.g. Attachments Lightbox shows attachment images in a lightbox.


Custom Data for Attachments

Another often asked feature is the way to manage metadata of attachments, metafiles and media files. Now in version 6.0, it’s quite easy as it is implemented thereJ.

 Edit image

Edit metadata


Document status icons

We enlarged the list of document type statutes shown in the content tree.  As you can see in the following figure, you can set at the site level which document type statuses you want to see in the content tree.

Document Icons


Facebook web parts

Version 6.0 brings several new Facebook web parts, which provides full set of Facebook features.

Facebook web parts


In-line widgets

In version 6.0 we are replacing In-line controls by In-line widgets. The old In-line controls are still available, but In-line widgets are preferred as they offer more and more functionality.

In-line widgets are standard widgets, which you can place from CKEditor toolbar in any HTML content.

Adding a new In-line widget from the CKEditor toolbar is very easy.

In-line widgets

Clicking the icon you will see a list of all available in-line widgets.

List of in-line widgets

Once you have placed an in-line widget into HTML content, you will see corresponding icon in the content.

In-line widget in the text

As In-line widget you can use any existing widget. Just to set property This widget can be used as inline widget.

In-line widget properties


Language selection (dropdown) web part

This new web part shows available languages as a drop-down box with country flags.

Language lists


Layouts web parts & widgets

Layout web parts are the most impressive web parts in the coming version 6.0 (at least for me). Using these web parts you can create easily and quickly any layout without CSS/HTML knowledge.

Would you like to organize the layout as a table and you don’t have any HTML knowledge? Don’t worry,  just place Table layout web part and you can start to define your table layout.

Table layout

As you can see, you can add/remove rows and columns. You can add any number of web parts inside any cell. Via green grid lines we can change width and height of any cell.


Do you need a tabs layout? You can use Tabs layout web part.

Tabs layout

And what about web parts, which you want to place at a fixed position on the page, like Bottom left? You can use Web part zone web part. Using this web part you can set web part zone to any position.

Position web part

And what about other layouts? Below you can find a complete list of all layout web parts.

All layout web parts

Can I combine several layout web parts? Yes you can….

Layout mixing

I hope, you see the unlimited possibilities of these (from my point of view cool) web parts.


LinkedIn integration

Kentico 6.0 brings also integration with LinkedIn membership. Together with Facebook connect, Windows Live ID and OpenID you get full set of the most used social networks authentications.

Linked in


And this is the end of mini-series focused on “small” features in version 6.0.

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Manoj commented on

Its really nice to know that kentico is bringing out relevant features that our users are asking for.

Michal Neuwirth commented on

to Ralph: They are based on AjaxControlToolkit.

to Brian Reese: I agree that using table for the layout is not a good practice. As I wrote it's just an option and professional web developers/web designers will use CSS instead.

Brian Reese commented on

I had novices using the CMS without relying on tables for layout without a problem. You're gonna need an expert just to roll out the CMS. You may as well let the expert setup the templates they need or better yet, provide them with a system that does not depend on tables. Tables are for displaying tabular data and cause horrible problems for accessibility.

I guess if people still want to use tables, they can. Table layouts are probably like flash, they just never go away no matter how easy it is to not need them.

ralph commented on

Just wondering which JavaScript Framework you will be using for the accordion etc widgets. Will it be based on jQuery?


Aon_Vlado commented on

I think the table layout should stay. We leave in free world - nobody is forced to use it. I do not like Facebook so I do not use it but I am not calling to put it down.

Jim commented on

Thanks a lot for adding LinkedIn Integration. I inquired after it this january, at that time there were no plans. Great you got to implement it in 6.0

Roel Bruijn commented on

Nice features! Can't wait!

But about the table layout, I cannot help it, but I need to mention:


Nice feature for noobs though.

Michal Neuwirth commented on

Hi Brian Reese,

table layout is just an option to offer it for users they will need it. I know, CSS is preferred and clear solution but the table layout is more quicker and better recognizable by some devices.

Brian Reese commented on

Are serious? Table layouts? You couldn't at least have created a grid system? Just b/c one doesn't know CSS doesn't mean they should be doomed to use tables.

I used to recommend the Kentico CMS but that feature alone will have me thinking twice.

There's a reason that every pro web designer that I know hates tables.

Brian McKeiver commented on

These new features seriously look amazing. Can't wait to take them for a spin.

Brian McKeiver commented on

These new features seriously look amazing. Can't wait to take them for a spin.