Pending documents are not showing after applying a hotfix in version 7.xx

Some users have experienced the issue after applying a hotfix for version 7 when documents submitted for Approval (Pending Documents) are not showing up in My Desk > Pending

Users still receive the email notification but there isn’t any document in the Queue in My Desk > Pending.  Please check what will the following Query return in your database:

SELECT StepID, StepDisplayName, StepName, StepType FROM CMS_WorkflowStep WHERE (StepType IS NULL)

Usually the SQL script results data like the following:
21           Approval              Approval              NULL
25           Approval              Approval              NULL
29           Approval              Approval              NULL
36           Approval              Approval              NULL

At this step, please create a backup of your database (just to be safe).  After this you should be able to fix this issue by running the following query over your DB:

UPDATE CMS_WorkflowStep set StepType = 3 WHERE (StepType IS NULL)
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