New Whitepaper: How Kentico Partners Can Help Their Customers Make More Money

A comprehensive guide for increasing conversion rate brought to you for FREE by Conversion Rate Services.
Companies are increasing their spending towards getting higher traffic on their websites mostly through SEO, PPC and Social Media. Very often these companies omit to focus on leveraging their current traffic and transforming it to more leads.

Frankly, Kentico hadn’t been much different in the past, but the importance of optimizing conversion rate was really proven by our results in this field - without increasing our marketing expenses, we were able to increase the number of conversions by 200% from day to day only by - at first sight quite small - changes on our website.

The following guide offered for FREE by a UK based company called “Conversion Rate Services” well describes all steps of the conversion optimization process from Analysis to the Release.

Here are the 5 reasons why I found this whitepaper second to none:

1. The whitepaper lists the current top online services you might use on your way to higher conversions and thus to the ROI.

2. Installation of some of the services on a Kentico website is explained in the videos linked within the whitepaper = quick&easy. 

3. Is your time limited and was yesterday already too late to start optimizing your website’s conversion rate? Then you will appreciate the "What You Can Do Today" boxes showing the most crucial steps.

4. Storytelling, authority, scarcity, exclusivity or urgency are well known concepts for you, but how to get them to work for you on your website? Well, living examples work the best!

5. Even the greatest examples might be examined for further improvements – look for the "What I’d Like to Test" boxes.

The whitepaper can be downloaded here.
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Petr Passinger

Petr is the Senior Business Analyst, responsible for the mapping and optimization of the sales funnel and revenue cycle leveraging the Kentico Customer Experience Management solution for online marketing activities.