New Installer for Kentico CMS 7 is Out

We have processed your comments, fixed defects and fine-tuned the Installer's features.
As promised, today we are proudly presenting you the RTM version of the Kentico Installer.
Since the announcement of the preview version of the Installer, we have fixed various defects. Moreover, we have adjusted our product according to the results of usability testing, which helped us fine-tune the Installer to suit you, our customers, in the first place.
In short, these facts illustrate, why we are so excited about this new Installer:
  • You need only one tool for most installation scenarios.
  • The Installer will now install and configure all necessary prerequisites.
  • The Installer also replaces our previous Silent Install and it is capable of creating XML configuration files from the installation UI.
  • Basic Kentico installation with a sample website is now only 4 clicks away!
  • A brand new design:

Screenshot: The Quick installation.

The Installer contains Kentico CMS 7.0.34 (version 7.0 with hotfix 34).
For instructions, see the documentation for the Installer (which you can access anytime by clicking the question mark in the upper right corner of the window): Kentico CMS 7 Installer.
Thank you all for your precious feedback on the preview version. Especially, we want to thank Ilesh Mistry for pointing out a few things we hadn't noticed.
Once again with this version, we would very much appreciate your feedback.
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Ilesh Mistry (MMT Digital's K-Team) commented on

Thanks Petr, I will email you about the error I get so we can resolve it.

In terms of the other items, it would be really cool to have maybe an updated Installer with these changes included :-)

Ilesh Mistry
K Team
MMT Digital

Petr Svihlik commented on

Hi Ilesh,

thanks for your immediate feedback! :)

1) we are plannig some design tunings to the next version, we'll consider that

2) when installation finishes, there is a screen showing all necesary information (clickable url of the site, clickable link to filesystem, default credentials etc.)
-> the screen is not visible when you are viewing log. we were not sure about this - whether to switch to this screen even if user is viewing log. we'll wait for more feedback and
then we'll adjust the behavior

3) resolution depends on whether you use full iis or iis express (installer will use full iis if it's available on your system)
if you use iis express, you might need to start the instance, chceck the web.config and check permissions for web project folder.
could you please send me some details to mail? thanks

4) you can put this request to uservoice to be validated by other users

5) we'll consider this to the next version

Once more - thank you

Ilesh Mistry (MMT Digital's K-Team) commented on

Hello Petr

Thanks for the mention :)

I have tried the installer again and have a few minor points...

1) On Windows, the cursor changes to a pointer/hand when you hover over the other buttons, but when I hovered over the Install button, I did not get this.

2) I successfully installed a Corporate site using the Installer, however when I clicked Finish, I did not get any messages to say, you may access the site here or anything like that. I think this would be something good to have on the installer.

3) I tried to run the site from Windows --> All Programs --> Kentico V7 --> Site and I get an error. I think this is from my previous installation.

HTTP Error 500.19 - Internal Server Error
The requested page cannot be accessed because the related configuration data for the page is invalid.

It looks like it is confused with the previous installation.

How can I resolve this issue?

4) One of the biggest things I would like on this Installer is the ability to name the site, so it is not determined by Kentico. This is from the Quick Installer, but I think it is the same for the Custom Installation as well.

5) For the Quick Installer you can't specify a location as to where to install the files/site. It would be nice to do this. As I do not know where the Kentico files are for this site?

Hope this is all ok. If you need me to clarify more on them, please drop me an email.


Ilesh Mistry
K Team
MMT Digital