New in the Marketplace: Google Maps Locator, Cookie Consent Toolbar and YouTube API Web Part

Three new web parts by Solsoft Web Development
Solsoft, a Kentico partner from the United Kingdom, provided our Marketplace with the following new web parts recently:

Google Maps Locator

The Google Maps Locator web part utilizes the Google Maps API and allows you to search near specified locations from a database using longitude and latitude values, displaying them on a Google Map. Users can enter a postcode and results will be displayed within a specified radius.

Cookie Consent Toolbar

The Cookie Consent Toolbar web part can ensure compliance with European data privacy regulations regarding cookies by giving website visitors the ability to turn cookies on and off. By default, the web part will turn off all cookies on the site until a visitor opts in, but can be configured to allow essential cookies (e.g. shopping cart) to function.

YouTube API Web Part

The YouTube API Web Part can be used to display a specified number of YouTube videos. You can choose form three types of feed to pull from YouTube:
  • user - a specified user's uploaded videos will be displayed,
  • category - will search for video's matching the specified criteria that you set for Country, Category and Category Type,
  • search - will display a textbox and button to search the text that accompanies YouTube videos.

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