New and Free: Kentico DevNet for WP7, Campaign Monitor Subscription Form, Zip It Up and CycleTweets

Three new web parts for your Kentico website and one new application for your Windows Phone
New contributions to the Kentico Marketplace are coming all the time. Most of them are offered free so you can download and use them right now. Check out the most recently added free items submitted in the last two weeks.

Kentico DevNet for Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone users might appreciate the Kentico Devnet for Windows Phone 7 application. It was developed by Jeroen Fürst, Kentico Lead Developer at IBL-Software, a Kentico Gold Partner form the Netherlands. This application allows you to easily view the content from Kentico DevNet on your Windows Phone. It contains the latest blog posts, knowledge base articles, frequently asked questions, videos, bugs and hotfixes.


To download and install this application, please visit Windows Phone Marketplace.

Campaign Monitor Subscription Form

Campaign Monitor is an email marketing tool built for designers which makes it easy to send newsletter emails, manage lists and subscribers, and track the results of campaigns. The Campaign Monitor Subscription Form web part and widget, developed by Distinction, a Kentico Gold Partner from the United Kingdom, displays a subscription form on your website that allows your site users to subscribe to the specified subscriber list within the Campaign Monitor. For more information about this addition, please visit the Kentico Marketplace.

Zip It Up

The Zip It Up web part by Inorbital Inc., a Kentico Gold Partner from Canada, allows you to easily display a categorized listing of downloadable files on your site. Site users will be able to select any number of files and download them as a single zip. The web part is available at the Kentico Marketplace.


CycleTweets, also developed by Inorbital Inc., is a lightweight web part that displays your specified twitter account tweets in a stylish fashion. It will continually cycle through the most recent tweets in order from newest to oldest, refreshing the tweets at set intervals. Number of tweets cycled and interval time are both configurable. To download this web part, please go here.

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