New and Free: Internal Linking Tool, Kentico CDN Injector and Media Library Extension

Check out these new additions to the Kentico Marketplace!
In March, three new items were submitted to our Marketplace. All of them are offered for free so let's have a look at them.

Internal Linking Tool

Internal Linking Tool by IOmundo enables you to automatically generate internal links on your website. It is good for SEO purposes and also encourages the visitor to visit more pages on your website. You only need to define keyword-document pairs and select document type fields in which you want to transform keywords to links. The tool searches the specified fields and transforms the first and every third occurrence of the keyword to the appropriate link.

The tool is offered for free, but IOmundo can provide paid support for integration into your CMS. If you are interested, please contact IOmundo at To download this tool, please visit Kentico Marketplace or

Kentico CDN Injector

Kentico CDN Injector by BlueModus can be used to alter the output HTML in order to change the image paths to use a Content Deliver Network (CDN) or another domain. A regex match is used in an output filter to find tags and replace the URLs as needed based on the configuration settings. For example, the following image tag <img src="/images/file1.jpg"/> can be rewritten with <img src=""/> or <img src=""/> etc. For more information or to download this utility, please visit Kentico Marketplace.

Media Library Extension

When files are uploaded externally into a media library (e.g. via FTP), it is necessary to register them in the database. Otherwise, they cannot be used on the site. These files are marked with the warning icon in the media library administration interface. The Media Library Extension module by the VML Development Team makes it easier to manage the registration in the database. It provides functions to:
  1. Find all unregistered files and register them to the database
  2. Update registration data for old files
  3. Remove orphan registration (when the physical files are removed but the registrations stay in the database)
This module is also available for free in the Kentico Marketplace.

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