New and Free at the Marketplace: Flickr API Web Part & YouTube API Web Part

Two integration web parts by Covalent Media Lab
Covalent Media Lab, a Kentico partner from Texas, USA, provided the Marketplace with two new web parts – the Flickr API web part and the YouTube API web part.

The Flickr API web part allows you to display photos from a Flickr account on a website. You only need to create your own Flickr App and set the App API Key, App Secret and your Flickr User ID in the web part properties.

The YouTube API web part is an upgrade to the Kentico YouTube web part, but this one allows you to display a series of YouTube videos and browse through them.

Both web parts are offered for free and you can find them at Kentico Marketplace.

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Daniela Kubikova

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MUBASHIR ALI commented on

Very Nice and Helpful APIs for us

Thanks Covalent Media Lab