New and Free at the Marketplace: Three new web parts

Have a look at FaceBook Interaction auto publish bar, the Disquss Comments web part and JavaScript eMail Encrypter Munger.
Three new web parts were submitted to the Marketplace in the recent days. All of them are offered for free.

FaceBook Interaction auto publish bar

This web part by Mirko Melone (eLogic) displays a bar that allows users to publish the current page link on their Facebook profile. Users can also select an image which will be used as a thumbnail of the published post. All texts, Facebook application ID and other options can be modified through the web part properties.


To download this web part, please visit Kentico Marketplace.

Disquss comments by Evident

Disqus is a free comments platform that helps you build an active community from your website's audience. The Disquss comments web part by Evident, a Kentico Gold Partner from the Netherlands, enables you to easily include and adjust Disqus comments in your Kentico CMS website. To download this web part, please go here.

JavaScript eMail Encrypter Munger

This web part by Web Design Magic, a Kentico Gold Partner from Australia, allows you to safely add e-mail addresses to your website content without spam harvesters stealing them. You can choose from two techniques of protection, JavaScript encryption and munging. To download the web part, please go here.

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