New and Free at the Marketplace: JW Player Integration, Page Image Web Part and Keyword Highlighter

Check out these new web parts at Kentico Marketplace.
Several new web parts were submitted to the Marketplace in the recent days. All of them are offered for free, so let's have a look at them.

JW Player integration

The JW Player is an open-source embeddable media player for websites, supporting many commonly-used audio and video formats. The player is easy to configure, customize and extend. The JW Player integration web part by Carbon Web Development allows you to easily insert this player to a page and play videos using it.

Page Image Web Part

When a link is shared on Facebook, the page is requested to find a thumbnail image to display in your post. When manually shared, the person sharing the link may choose from a list of images that were found on the page. However, when automatically shared, the first image found is used by default. It is not always the image you may wish to be set as the thumbnail for the post. That's where the Page Image web part by Nathan Eary comes into play. It will render a link element in the header of your page with your specified image. This link element is recognized by Facebook as the image you wish to have used as the thumbnail when sharing a link to this page.

Keyword highlighter

Keyword highlighter by Titio s.r.o. is a simple way to highlight keywords on your pages with a link to page of your partners or product groups. After defining the partner/product names and assigning them the keywords which should link to these partner/product pages in the imported custom table, just use the KeyWordsReplacer.ReplaceKeywords function in your transformation (for example <%# KeyWordsReplacer.ReplaceKeywords(Eval("ArticleText")) %>) and the keywords in the article will be transformed to links pointing to the corresponding pages.

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