New and Free: Browser Killer, Page Not Found Kit, Shared Editable Text and CSS3 Powered by Kentico

Small improvements for your website.
Not only developers, but also other Kentico employees produce a working piece of code from time to time. Four of such employee contributions were recently added to Kentico Marketplace. They are only very simple web parts, but maybe it is exactly what you are looking for, so let´s have a look at them:

The Browser Killer web part by Robert Stebel, Senior Tester at Kentico, displays a warning message or a dialog on a page to users who open the page in a specified browsers. The web part can work in three modes:
  • Silent mode - displays a small warning message at the top of the page,
  • Annoying mode - displays a modal dialog with a Close button,
  • Aggressive mode - displays a modal dialog without a Close button.

Using the Page Not Found Kit by David Štula, Technical Writer at Kentico, you can easily create a custom error page telling your site’s visitors that the page they are looking for doesn’t exist. The package contains a ready-to-use page template comprising two editable regions and a web part which changes the HTTP response status code to 404.

Shared editable text by Helena Grulichová, Senior Support Engineer at Kentico, allows you to share content of an Editable text web part on more than one page. It also allows editing from any occurrence. You only need to specify the same web part ID for the web parts.

The CSS3 Powered by Kentico web part by Milan Kačurák, Web Designer at Kentico, displays the "Powered by Kentico" logo using css3 with no images. The Kentico logo is made up of a div using css3 rotation and border-radius. The "Powered by Kentico" text is rendered using the Kentico cocon font face.

All these items are available for free at Kentico Marketplace.
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