Knowledge Base Articles you may Find Useful no. 20

It has been more than two months since I published my last post on KB articles that you may find interesting, so it’s time for a new set of articles which may help you deliver the functionality you need.
Here are my favorite recently published knowledge base articles:

Speeding up Web Analytics logging on external storage - If you run your website in a cloud environment and use external storage such as Azure Blob Storage or Amazon Simple Storage to store file data, you may encounter issues with Web Analytics data processing. If so, this article is for you.

Upload file for CSS theme - You may want to upload an OTF file extension (or similar file) using the Upload file option to the Site Manager -> Development -> CSS stylesheets -> your stylesheet -> Theme section, only to find you cannot upload this type of file.  This article describes the simple fix needed to achieve your result.

Content scheduling in v7 web parts - This article expands upon the original Content scheduling in web parts, with updated code for Kentico 7.

Smart Search filter in combination with OR clause - This article gives you instructions on how to use the formatting expression {0} to insert a value into a specified place inside a search condition.

Image slider - This article gives you instructions on how to slide your images with optional HTML content.

Image zoom effect – This article will show you how to implement amagnifying zoom effect on images using jQuery in Kentico.

Extending UniGrid and Filtering options - In this example we will show you how to extend the OM_Contact table and modify the UniGrid to include the custom data, as well as give you the ability to filter using the custom column.

Ajax call to rest service - This article gives you instructions on how to use ajax call to REST service in Kentico.

Exporting/importing a site using the API - This article shows you how to export or import your site using our API. It also shows how you can exclude certain objects from the import process.

I hope you enjoyed them and found them useful. There are many more articles to be found in the Articles section!
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