Knowledge base articles you may find useful no. 9

It has been more than a month since I published my last post on KB articles that you may find interesting, so it’s time for a new set of articles which may help you deliver the functionality you need.
I hope you had a nice holidays and vacation! Here are some new KB and FAQ articles for better New Year start:

How to register and use the native Kentico jQuery library - Do you know that Kentico CMS has a built-in jQuery library?
How to add comments to a node in the content tree - This article provides you with instructions on how to add comments to a node in the content tree.

How to change the input type for the chat web parts?
How to fix "Cannot write into file because exists in application filesystem" error when using web application.
Why do I not see an option to Export to Excel when viewing the data tab of my Form?
The nested repeater displays all documents under each item
How to switch to source mode of WYSIWYG editor when source button is not available
How to get documents from given category using SelectNodes method
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Juraj Ondrus

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