Knowledge base articles you may find useful no. 5

It has been a month since I published my last post on  KB articles that you may find interesting, so it’s time for a new set of articles which may help you deliver the functionality you need.
Last month, there were some questions about how to set up a DB cluster with Kentico. Well, it is purely a SQL server thing and the Install SQL Server 2008 on a Windows Server 2008 Cluster article is a good starting point.

New in KB articles

Resolving macros in Dynamic Newsletter - this article will show you how to use macros in a dynamic newsletter and to, for example personalize the content with the subscriber's name.

How to build up a menu using the hierarchical transformation - how to build a nice menu.

How to select recently active threads from a particular ad hoc forum - you may have a requirement to insert several forums into your site, for example if each department should have its own and you want to display recent active threads.

New in FAQs

How can I display different page title formats for particular documents?
How can I display media library files with the lightbox effect?
Why can’t I connect to the DB on Azure?
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Juraj Ondrus

Hi, I am the Technical support leader at Kentico. I'm here to help you use Kentico and get as much as possible out of it.


kentico_jurajo commented on


Yes, I tried Kentico on SQL cluster and mirror as well. As mentioned, it is just the SQL server thing. It depends what you mean by Active-Active - if you mean web servers, like load balancer or web farms, then you have to buy additional license for Kentico. If you mean the SQL server - this should be answered by Microsoft :-)

Disk array - again, this has nothing to do with Kentico. You should ask this some hardware or performance specialist. It depends on your project, its traffic, what availability you want to have and many other things. Small web site can run on a laptop, big web site needs load balancers and failover servers - the range where Kentico can be used is very wide.


Jerry Lew commented on

Have you ever tried to install Kentico on MS SQL Cluster? Is it necessary to buy additional licences for Active-Active mode? What is your recommended disk array level for Kentico solutions 6 or 53?

Jeroen Fürst commented on

Great tips Juraj!