Kentico Webinar: Technical Learning – URL Rewriting and Output Filters

Join us for a technical learning webinar that covers Kentico CMS 5 on April 20 from 10-11 PST
Join us for a Webinar on April 20 10-11PST
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Kentico CMS provides exposes a friendly URL addresses that provides web sites with better SEO visibility and full control of their exposed URL’s. This process is based on a URL rewriting engine that displays the correct page based on a specified friendly or smart URL. Once the page is processed by the URL rewriting engine, the rendered HTML is sent to a set of output filters. These filters applied allow developers to make changes to the HTML before it is sent to the browser. In this webinar we will examine this process and the ways that it can be used to build your site.
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Thomas Robbins

I spend my time working with partners and customers extending their marketing and technology to the fullest.


Thom Robbins commented on

Sounds great - we will look to get this set up.

hemanthray-gmail commented on

Great i will also be interested to learn about this , Please let me posted if there are any live webinar's in near future


YA author commented on

I would love to learn more about SEO.

term life insurance commented on

I think Kentico CMS provides one of the best URL addresses which in turn delivers websites of the best SEO visibility which I must say is one of the main reasons one would use Kentico CMS for. Besides, there is full access which makes this a real deal for many aspiring Internet advertisers as well as SEO marketers. As it is based on a particular URL rewriting engine, everything that is displayed is precise and accurate!

Sai commented on

Thanks for the video.

Can you please send me if there are any live webinar's in near future our company is a kentico's partner we will be very much interested to join in.

And do you have any webinar's where its related to Taxonomy and metadata in kentico. It would be great if you can share.


Thom Robbins commented on

Absolutely - we are looking at putting together more of these. If you have any topics of interest please let me know.

mobile solutions commented on

sorry I missed this. Thanks for the wrap-up link. Maybe at some point you'll do another webinar?

Thom Robbins commented on

No problem - the webinar wrap up with slides and video is available here -

Sai commented on

I was not able to attend the webinar is there any way i can watch the video of this