Kentico Webinar: CMS Today – Are you considering SharePoint for your web site?

Join us for a Kentico Webinar - CMS Today Series presented by Good Medium
The Kentico CMS Today webinar series focuses on industry and emerging trends/topics that face business and marketers. The series focus is to provide resources, training and discussion on practical and useful information.
Join us for a webinar on May 18 from 10-11PM PST
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SharePoint 2010 release is just around the corner. There is a lot of talk about SharePoint’s new capabilities, especially those relating to web content management. A lot of organizations are wondering if they could possibly use SharePoint 2010 as the technology stack to maintain both their enterprise collaboration needs and their corporate website.

In this webinar, we will review the new SharePoint web content management capabilities and see if SharePoint fits your organization’s strategic website objectives at this time.  

Topics that we will cover in the webinar include -
  • Review SharePoint's Existing & New Capabilities
  • Review some of the strategic website objectives for organizations
  • Compare how SharePoint & industry leading CMS platforms deliver on the strategic website objectives
  • Preparing For SharePoint 2010
  • Recommendations
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