Kentico UserVoice Clean-up


As Kentico 9 was released recently, the development of the next version has already started and the Kentico Product Management group is planning features for the new version, we’ve also decided to clean up old and obsolete entries in the Kentico UserVoice portal.

At Kentico, we love listening to our users. Using your feedback, we can build a product that not only fits your needs and solves your problems, but mainly helps you to succeed. One of the ways you can share your insights and suggestions is the Kentico UserVoice portal. Over the years of its existence, you’ve shared more than 1,300 ideas! That is an amazing number, and we are incredibly grateful for your input. However, as the number of ideas has grown over the time, the portal became messy and less well-arranged. As a consequence, is it not only hard for you to search for interesting suggestions and give them your votes, but it is also difficult for us to maintain and devote as much attention to your ideas as they deserve.

For this reason (and also because spring is just around the corner), we’ve decided to clean up the entries in the Kentico UserVoice portal:

  • All ideas implemented into Kentico 9 will be closed
  • All ideas older than 12 months that we do not plan to implement in Kentico 10 will be removed
  • The rest of the ideas will be reviewed by the product owner responsible for the particular area. The product owner will decide if the idea fits the current product vision or not. They will then close with an explanation of the unfitting ideas that are not considered a priority and are not planned to be implemented in the near future.
  • New ideas that are already planned for development or have already been released will be closed.
  • New ideas that haven’t been implemented yet will be opened up for voting and comments, and will be reviewed periodically before every development milestone (3-5 months). If there have been no new supporters of the idea since the previous milestone or the idea is unfitting for the product vision for upcoming versions, it will be closed with an explanation from the responsible product owner.

This way, we will be able to keep the portal clean, easy to use, and ready for your ideas and feedback. So, if you believe that something is missing in Kentico, please do not hesitate in posting your ideas in our Kentico UserVoice portal. We look forward to your insights.

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Martin Michalik

I'm Online Marketing Product Owner and I'm writing mainly about Kentico features such as Contact management, Marketing automation, E-mail marketing, A/B testing, etc.


sean-wiredviews commented on

As a Kentico developer that regularly checks the UserVoice portal I'm very happy to hear this. Besides this article are you planning any ways to help make the portal more visible to Kentico users and developers? I like that my voice is being heard through this channel but I wonder if there are many other users who are not aware of this method of communicating their concerns and requests, especially those who are not necessarily programmers/developers.