It’s Official – Mobile MATTERS

44% of customers will never go back to a site that isn’t optimized for mobile. 85% of smartphone owners use their mobile to compare companies, products and pricing before making a purchase. Check out our infographic from our highly publicized survey and see why mobile matters!
In-store experience

According to the recent results of The Kentico Mobile Experience Survey, given the choice, 63% of respondents would rather shop in a store’s physical location than via the Internet. And 40% of those who compare companies and their products on their smartphone will do so from a store’s actual location.

However, online shoppers seem to prefer larger screens over smaller ones, with mobile device preference shrinking along with screen size, indicating that poor mobile experience could be contributing to these figures.

“Businesses need to make mobile shoppers feel as if they’re truly in their stores, touching their products, talking to sales reps, and being catered to. Otherwise, they will lose business to those sites that do.” 
Kentico CEO and Founder, Petr Palas

Look and feel

And a purchase isn’t solely dependent on products or pricing; over three-quarters of smartphone and tablet owners say it also comes down to the look and feel of a company’s mobile website, with 44% saying they would never go back to a site not optimized for mobile.

“The big news from a mobile perspective is people want to interact with companies via their mobile devices, but many won’t do so unless those companies provide a mobile-friendly experience”
Chief Evangelist at Kentico, Thom Robbins

Check out (and share) our infographic highlighting some of much-talked-about findings from this survey.

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