Infographics: Kentico CMS in the Fortune Global 500 for 2015


Fortune Global 500 lists the world's largest corporations from around the globe. Its 2015 version was published this summer, and we are happy to announce that Kentico supports the success of 74 of the 500 biggest companies worldwide for 2015.

Kentico’s main market, the USA, is leading the overall chart with a total of 128 companies, of which 26 use Kentico CMS. Other main markets for Kentico include Europe (France still being the leader with nine companies running on Kentico) and Japan, with its strong automotive and electronic industries (12 companies running on Kentico).

We haven‘t tracked the information of Kentico usage within Fortune Global 500 from the beginning of Kentico’s 11 year history, however the data from the past six years shows the progress of adoption of Kentico by the global enterprises – from 6% in 2009 to 15% in 2015.

Kentico Fortune Global 500 Infographics List

Our clients from the Global Fortune 500 use Kentico for a variety of websites; their main corporate websites, their product sites, event sites, and company intranets. As for the business and size of these companies, we, unfortunately, are unable to disclose publicly a comprehensive list of the Global Fortune 500 companies using Kentico CMS due to many of these references being under NDA. However, we have put together a sample list of them here: 

My John Deere Dealer; Deere (323); Construction and Farm Machinery; created by BitWise Solutions, Inc

Danone; Danone (422); Food Consumer Products; created by Evident

Hyundai; Hyundai Motors (99); Automotive; created by diamond:dogs group

TUI; TUI (469); Travel Services; created by EPAM Systems

AXA; AXA (20); Insurance; created by Sprinx Systems, a.s.

Delta Sky Magazine; Delta Airlines (273); Airlines; created by bswing

Tiger Beer; Heineken Holding (463); Beverages, created by Union Digital

Subaru; Toyota (9); Automotive; created by 4ward s.r.l.

BendixKing; Honeywell International (275); Electronics; created by BizStream


Woolworths Flowers; Woolworths (181); Food and Drugstore; created by Create Studios

Data in the infographics:

  • 74 companies from the Fortune Global 500 2015 use Kentico CMS for ASP.NET
  • Companies headquarter locations are: Europe: 28, USA: 26, Japan: 12, Asia: 5, Australia: 3
  • Top ten industries: Motor Vehicles and Parts: 11, Finance/Insurance: 10, Electronics: 9, Food /Beverages: 9, IT/Teleco: 8, Petrochemical: 7, Retail: 7, Transportation: 3, Entertainment: 3, Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals: 3, Other: 4
  • Number of websites running each Kentico version:  4.x: 2, 5.x: 17, 6.x: 6, 7.x: 34, 8.x: 15

Download the full list of Global Fortune 500 for 2015 (XLS). Download the Kentico Fortune Global 500 infographics in poster size (B1 size, PDF).

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Petr Passinger

Petr is the Senior Business Analyst, responsible for the mapping and optimization of the sales funnel and revenue cycle leveraging the Kentico Customer Experience Management solution for online marketing activities.