How to use hotfix package and how to convert our C# code samples to VB.Net

In this blog post I will explain the usage of hotfix packages and also something about the code samples in our documentation.
The latest hotfix package can be found in the BugTracker section where you can also see the list of bugs with short description. Please note that the latest hotfix package is only for the latest published version of Kentico CMS.
The version number of the hotfix package looks like this A.B.C, where A is the major version number, B is the minor version number, C is the number of the hotfix package and starts with 1, next package is 2, 3, 4, and so on.
The hotfix packages are cumulative – in second hotfix package are fixed bugs from the first one, in third package are fixed bugs from first and second hotfix…
You can find all hotfix packages to download in Hotfixes section . There are also hotfix packages which were released for previous version(s), so please check the major and minor version numbers carefully because hotfix package is not a substitute for upgrade package. If you want to upgrade your CMS to a newer version, you need to follow the upgrade instructions and download upgrade package(s).
The installer file which is available for download from our web site does not contain any of the hotfix packages, so after the installation you may need to apply the latest hotfix.

In our documentation there are many code samples, most of them is created in C# programming language only. Unfortunately in these cases there are no examples or documentation special for VB.Net. I was looking on the Internet for some kind of tool or comparison of these two languages and I have found this nice side by side VB.Net and C# comparison and also this .Net code converter. I have tried to convert some code snippets and there were needed only minor modifications in some complicated code structures, but it was working on 95% just fine, so you can easily convert our C# samples to VB.Net and use them. And here two more links to MSDN, which may be helpful as well: C#/VB.NET Equivalents and Language equivalents.

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