How to help us provide faster and more accurate support

Help us to help you. Get answers to your questions quicker and allow us deliver the kind of support you need, by giving us the right information about your issue.

Check the Documentation

Many answers to your questions are already available to you – For information, hints, conversations, bugs and development examples, you can check our:
• well-documented Developer’s guide
• our growing knowledge base,
• our useful FAQs,
• the BugTracker,
Kentico Community Forums

With many articles published monthly, there is wide coverage of issues and the BugTracker allows you to check all known bugs. Why not subscribe to the RSS feeds - KBs, FAQs and Hotfixes to stay ahead of the game?

Requesting Support

We are happy to help and this is most easily achieved when you can provide us with the following information:

Please note that we provide support for Kentico CMS version 2 and upwards, version 1 is no longer supported.

1) Which version are you using?
The most important information to us is ‘Which version are you using?’ – Some of you may use different versions for different projects. So please know the version number and, if applicable, the build number and hotfix number. This will help us determine if it is a bug or not, or whether we are dealing with a component change or other issue. Find this information next to the “Sign Out” button in the administration interface or in the Kentico DLL files in the BIN folder of your web project.

2) Which approach are you using?
It is extremely useful for us to know this in order to reproduce your issue. So please indicate whether you are using:
Portal engine templates (you can see the Design tab in CMS Desk),
ASPX templates (you usually cannot see the Design tab in CMS Desk),
• Portal engine templates and ASPX templates combined,
MVC development model

3) In which environment are you working?

Please indicate your environment e.g.

• Operating system,
• Windows Azure,
• cloud hosting,
• IIS version,
• .Net version,
• etc.

4) Error message & issue replication information
Please capture any error or exception messages that you are getting and send them along copied and pasted into your e-mail or as a screenshot, or send it as a recorded screencast. This can help us identify the problem quicker; often the solution is suggested in the error message itself, so worth checking this out yourself too.
If you get a very general error like the one below, then it provides no information to us. It would be useful if you were to turn the debug mode from ‘off’ to ‘on’ (details of how to do this are in the error message) and then reproduce the issue. The newly-generated error message will be more detailed and will help us more.

5) Custom code & modifications Information
If you are developing any custom code (web parts, controls, modules, etc.) or modifying any default code files, please let us know and provide us with your code and information as to where and how you are using it. Please also specify what the current (wrong) and expected behavior is.

6) Specific details of what you are trying to achieve
We regularly get questions like “How do I achieve this?” or “I want to implement this.” with no further details. Some requests are easy, but most are quite complicated and it is very difficult to offer accurate advice if we don’t know the specifics.
It is great for us if you can include a description of expected behavior or if you can offer a short case example.

We’ll probably still need to ask you more questions in special cases, but at least we know which questions to ask! It is possible that we request a site export package or a backup of your database and project in order to reproduce and debug the issue.

We are dedicated to helping you resolve your issues and you can track our progress (success :-)) on our support page, where you can also see the number of tickets answered within 24 hours (including weekends and holidays).
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Juraj Ondrus

Hi, I am the Technical support leader at Kentico. I'm here to help you use Kentico and get as much as possible out of it.